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My credits include narrative and documentary work:

“I love telling stories through moving images”

Producer, "The Unapologetic Life of Margaret Randall" (2002);

This is a pre-internet project.  The documentary is distributed by Cinema Guild.

Here is a review of the documentary. 

Producer, "Wellstone!" (2004);

WELLSTONE! is a feature length documentary about a remarkable man who defied tradition and returned politics to the people. Like Paul Wellstone, the film is smart, funny, and full of surprises. The young man who was to become Senator Wellstone was the son of immigrant parents who grew up in a suburb of Washington, DC, married his high school sweetheart and found meaning in his favorite saying: The future will not belong to those who sit on the sidelines! After graduating with a PhD in political science from the University of North Carolina, the Wellstone family moved to Minnesota where the new doctor had an appointment at Carleton College. The film provides insight into Wellstone's political style and deep concerns by presenting these early years with care and humour, including old news footage of some of the student rallies that Wellstone led while at Carleton. The emergence of his own interpretation of a populist political philosophy is well documented.


You can watch the entire documentary of Wellstone! on YouTube.  Here is the link.

"I came across this documentary on the life of Paul Wellstone. This should be required watching for anyone who calls themselves a Democrat."-review from Daily Kos.  Read the entire review here.

Writer/Director, "Fertile Ashes" (2011);

Fertile Ashes was my first experience of writing and directing a narrative short.  It was an important story to tell.  

It is the summer of 1972, Joey's Place is an underground club that caters to working class lesbians in St. Paul, Minnesota. The club owner Joey must pay the mafia to keep the peace with the local police. Things heat up further when a local anti-war activist approaches the bar for the purpose of "lesbian organizing."

Watch the Fertile Ashes trailer.

Watch an interview with me on the making of it here.

Producer/Director, "Secrets for Mom" (2013).